Aragonese Pyrenees

In the ARAGONESE PYRENEES you will find a wide variety of stunning alpine landscapes. Join our LOCAL GUIDES and discover this privileged landscape!

Join our team and enjoy the endless singletracks and incredible landscapes of the Aragonese Pyrenees! Here a stunning alpine landscape enjoys mild climate and it is still possible to get lost in uninhabited valleys and discover a traditional way of life preserved in picturesque and beautiful medieval villages. 

Aragonese Pyrenees are considered the BEST MTB DESTINATION IN SPAIN. Thanks to its mountain landscapes and top quality of the trails it has become the most popular Enduro spot of the country. Which is its secret? Hundreds of kilometers of amazing ancient mountain trails recovered with the strive of its neighbours (many times with the help of MTB PYRENEES) for the riders' delight.

This territory has held important MTB events in recent years, as the ENDURO WORLD SERIES celebrated in Ainsa in 2015 and 2018; TRANS-NOMAD, first multi-stage enduro event in Spain, and several Spanish Downhill and Enduro Championships. The quality of the trails and the landscapes of this region allows this kind of events and much more...

Southern Pyrenees / Sierra de Guara

In SOUTHERN PYRENEES you'll experience the ancient heritage of a currently wild & uninhabited land. Join our LOCAL GUIDES and explore its surprising network of trails!

In Southern Pyrenees you can enjoy riding 365 days a year. In adittion, you can also discover one of the most remote, uninhabited and wild regions of Spain, SIERRA DE GUARA. 

Recently, Sierra de Guara has become a TOP MTB Enduro destination for experienced riders in Spain due to the large amount of demanding TOP quality Enduro MTB trails opened in the last years, lots of them designed by MTB PYRENEES team clearing and recovering ancient medieval trails used for centuries in this currently uninhabitated area.  

This is a place where nature has created unique natural monuments such as Mallos de Riglos and Mascún River Canyon. A land where Christian and Muslim struggled for centuries creating a complex and surprising network of MTB trails leading to medieval castles, towers and ancient villages, some of them appointed as The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, such as Alquézar.

This is the hidden gem, the perfect "off the beaten track" cycling destination . That’s the reason why people riding in these remote Sierras always comes back.



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